Victoria Tube Closed Due To 'Unusual Smell'

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Victoria Tube Closed Due To 'Unusual Smell'

Victoria underground station - one of the busiest on the network - has been evacuated and closed following complaints of nausea and an unusual smell. Up to eight people have taken themselves to hospital for checkups after an unpleasant odour was detected 'near a temporary ticket office'. Tubes are still running, but the station remains closed. More news as any breaks.

Update: 16:00 The mainline station and bus station (though not the coach station) have also been closed. Avoid the area, unless you enjoy disgruntled crowds.

Update: 16:05 According to Network Rail, passengers are now being allowed back inside the station via side entrances. Delays to mainline services are expected over the next hour due to backlogs.

Update: 16:39 The Tube is now open again, says BBC Travel.

Theories doing the rounds on Twitter include a gas leak (likely), a damaged mustard gas canister from WW2 (historically inept), some unintended consequence of National Cheese Week (wouldn't that be fantastic?), and a whiff of excrement from the nearby Telegraph offices (no comment). Others have declared: The one who smelt it dealt it.

Are we the only ones to wonder if there's a connection to the fake hole 'dug' inside the station yesterday?

Last Updated 29 September 2010