TfL Claims To Run 40% Tube Strike Service

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 98 months ago
TfL Claims To Run 40% Tube Strike Service

Image by gary8345 from the Londonist Flickr pool
This morning brings a spat over just how successful yesterday's tube strike was: unions say support for the strike among its members was "rock solid" while LU claim "paralysis of London... has failed to materialise", citing a 40% service - including full service on the Northern line.

We think LU are being a bit disingenuous about this. Trains may have been running on the Northern Line but plenty of stations were closed, as we ourselves found out at Charing Cross. The Guardian comments section contains tales of trains leaping between Waterloo and Tottenham Court Road and closed stations on the District line (large sections of which were touted as open on TfL's site). Perhaps 40% of trains were running, but LU might get more sympathy if they were up front about the whole situation.

On the reasons for the strike, the Guardian (again) carries an interesting letter from a TfL employee:

Anyone who has ever tried to coax a crumpled £5 note or a newly minted coin into a ticket machine, or been overcharged on an Oyster card, will know that [LU MD Mike Brown's] bland assurance that "Staff will still help with any problems" is meaningless at a station where the ticket office is closed.

Good point, well made?

Last Updated 08 September 2010