The Extent Of TfL Ticket Office Closures

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 97 months ago
The Extent Of TfL Ticket Office Closures

ticketoffice_170310.jpg A document detailing exactly where TfL proposes to cut ticket office hours has been leaked to some prominent bloggers. TfL are planning to cut 800 jobs and reduce opening hours, but promised no station would be left without a working ticket office. That pledge, however, could be argued to be largely a case of semantics as some main station entrances - where the alternative is bleedin' miles away - are left with just machines. There's also some bizarre decisions around opening hours at major tourist hubs like Heathrow and Kings Cross. TfL have confirmed the document is genuine, but say all closures are subject to consultation. (Image / Nicobobinus)

Last Updated 17 March 2010


Hmmm. Even though I'd hardly call the "prominent bloggers" (are they your mates or something?) at Boris Watch an independent source for your anti-Boris news, I have to admit the list of broken promises is hard to spin away...Oh my god, maybe he's just another careerist egomaniac after all! Say it aint so.