Preview: International Talk Like A Pirate Day with Mad Cap'n Tom

Franco Milazzo
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Preview: International Talk Like A Pirate Day with Mad Cap'n Tom

pirateday.jpg Yo ho ho, me hearties: International Talk Like A Pirate Day (TLAPD) is back this weekend. If you have a yearning to make like the king of urban legends, Captain Pugwash or dapper Jack Sparrow, you can board the floating pub Tattershall Castle or raise some money by walking like a pirate in Tottenham Hale.

Earlier this year, Mad Cap'n Tom (aka Tom Scott), the man behind the UK chapter of TLAPD for the last few years, ran as a Pirate candidate in the general election despite opposition from the official Pirate Party UK ("a serious party with serious issues, not a fancy dress party". Um. Yes.).

We had a quick word with the Cap'n to ask him about all this pirate malarkey.

What's different about Talk Like A Pirate Day this year?

It be th' same swashbucklin' event as e'er, matey! I know a few folks be gettin' tired o' it - heaven knows, me doctor be tellin' me t' save me vocal cords - but there be plenty o' enthusiasm still about these waters. Pers'nally, this year I be mostly takin' a back seat - after dashin' about Westminster earlier this year, I be lettin' some other scurvy dogs have th' limelight!

What did you learn from your attempt to become an MP earlier this year?

Huggin' a Tory always be good fer a laugh.

Were there any interesting incidents on the campaign trail?

Th' one that be standin' out fer me, matey, be when I were flyerin' th' Churchill Gardens Estate in Pimlico. I be up on one o' th' high floors o' a tower block, poppin' leaflets thro' letterboxes, an' all o' a sudden I be hearin' a squeal o' "PIRATE!". This lady be runnin' out her door, givin' me a hug, an' invitin' me in t'meet her nan. Her nan says she be votin' fer me - an' then adds that she be sayin' that t'all the candidates, just t'get 'em out th' door.

Thanks for that!

Fair winds t'ye, matey!

Last Updated 16 September 2010