Comedy Review: Danny Bhoy @ Leicester Square Theatre

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Comedy Review: Danny Bhoy @ Leicester Square Theatre

DannyBhoy.jpg "Mad about the Bhoy"? It's been done. Curses. "Bhoy wonder" Naah, too obvious. Hmm. "Bhoy oh boy"? Resisting the temptation to pun on Danny's last name is about as difficult as being a gay Viking (more on this later). In any case, if you can't get it up for a good pun, you're not human. Which is at times what we wondered about last night's crowd.

In possession of the most expressive pair of eyebrows ever seen on a comic, Danny Bhoy can assume almost any accent. A talent put to good use, he regales us with observational tales from his travels, including one on the possible etymology behind the Australian bottle shops and the deceptively simple criteria for a good bed and breakfast.

Charming and self-deprecating, Danny lets us in on a few horrific outbreaks of global Foot in Mouth disease, along with historical titbits such as the proper way to start a war (it's not by text). Royal epithets and their influence on the Vikings (gay or otherwise) were also given proper consideration: who would you rather pick a fight with - King Franco the "Don't Fuck With Me" of France or "King Ethelred the Unready" of England? Quite.

Though at times rambling, his stories follow a tight overall narrative with ingenious use of call backs. The flow is disrupted at only one point by an oddly timed autograph request, all the more oddly granted.

By Amy Barnard

Danny Bhoy performs in the Main House, Leicester Square Theatre until 25th September. Tickets £10.

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