Week Around The -Ists

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Week Around The -Ists


  • Gothamist was stunned when a JetBlue flight attendant apparently had a meltdown and then exited the plane via emergency slide. It's unclear whether Steven Slater is a working man's hero for telling off a bad passenger or was actually drunk, but it's an amazing story, none the less.
  • Chicagoist survived another edition of Lollapalooza at which they were unimpressed by Lady Gaga, actually dug Green Day, were blown away by Arcade Fire and checked out a slew of other bands with 240,000 of their closest friends.
  • Torontoist explored the SciNet Supercomputer, Canada's most powerful piece of computing equipment. It's big, and its name's similarity to Skynet is none of your concern.
  • DCist's enthusiasm about Shake Shack coming to town was tempered after yet another big thunderstorm caused a big mess.
  • LAist shared a video from a Beverly Hills paper showing a Wilshire Blvd. crosswalk sting that netted 53 motorist citations in 90 minutes.
  • Seattlest learned what happens when a tattoo goes terribly wrong.
  • Londonist paddled around in an ancient buried river beneath the city's streets, looked down from a new bar 29 storeys over London and reported UFO sightings over the north of the town.
  • SFist published a Facebook conversation between eyewitnesses of a Union Square shooting that took the life of a German tourist.
  • Last Updated 15 August 2010