Roswell Hill?

By Scott Wood Last edited 165 months ago

Last Updated 13 August 2010

Roswell Hill?

Pink Light.jpg Muswell Hill has apparently been renamed ‘Roswell Hill’ by residents after a number of local UFO sightings, reports the Muswell Hill Journal. The latest sighting was reported by David Swan on the UK UFO website. He "saw a red/orange light appear behind the trees but moving to the right". It wasn’t a floating Chinese lantern, which are frequently mistaken for UFOs, "unless you can get them with some kind of propulsion system".

Like a stiff breeze or something.

Roswell is the New Mexico town where, in 1947, a UFO allegedly crashed, whose inhabitants were captured by the American military for secret and unspeakable purposes. Meanwhile in Muswell Hill a cube-shaped "ship" with orange lights was seen moving across the sky from Ellington Road in May 2009, and another orange ball was seen above King's Avenue in January this year.

Why should Muswell Hill be getting all this extra-terrestrial attention? Well, they’ve got a very good greasy spoon, apparently, and a very popular 99p store.

'Pink Light in the Sky over London' by Lady Vervaine.