Want To Design The 2012 Olympic Torch?

By Lindsey Last edited 99 months ago
Want To Design The 2012 Olympic Torch?

LOCOG put the call out today for designers to bid for the job of creating the Olympic and Paralympic torches. 2012 design has so far thrust infamy on Lisa Simpson, brought us the Olympshits coin and unleashed a pair of ridiculous monocular mascots. The Beijing torch was a sleek, phallus curved red and silver icon inscribed with a "propitious cloud" and engineered by the Chinese Space Research Lab. Considering LOCOG need to fork out for 8,000 torches for the UK relay, plus assorted cauldrons, ours is more likely to be designed by BTEC students in Croydon and made by JML. And why not? Find the brief here and bid for a bit of torch action at CompeteFor.com. (Image of 2008 Olympic Torch by Tanya N)

Last Updated 04 August 2010