Mission: Explore London

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Mission: Explore London


Every day we hear about new geo-aware games, multiplayer treasure hunts and other location-based frivolities. We can't possibly cover them all. But this one is a must, simply for its beautiful execution and slightly warped playfulness.

Mission: Explore London, from The Geography Collective, sets a series of challenges to encourage exploration of the city. Actually, 'series' is an understatement. There are over 1000 on there already, and the number just keeps on growing. These missions are mostly aimed at children - an attempt to turn apathetic youth into 'guerilla geographers' - but many tasks are so inventive, persuasive or just a wee bit naughty that they'll appeal to adults too.

Head into Craig's Court (location of an entrance in the Whitehall government tunnels) and see how many CCTV cameras train on you.
  • See how many animals you can photograph from a bus.
  • Make it look like the statue of Achilles is being squished by something.
  • Make a map of your neighbourhood's smells.
  • etc. etc.

    Mission: Explore London is also available as an app or book. Geography hasn't been this much fun since we first learnt about oxbow lakes.

    Last Updated 03 August 2010