Leave No Bear Behind Part 19: Tigger's Demise

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Leave No Bear Behind Part 19: Tigger's Demise


A troublingly regular series in which we highlight an important social issue that the mainstream media won't touch: the plight of London's increasingly neglected toy animals...

Just one example of toy maltreatment this week. Once again, it involves that most hapless of beings from the 100 Acre Wood, Tigger. We've previously documented evidence of a lynching at Clapham Junction and his inclusion in a multiple hanging on Camden High Street. This time round, the luckless roisterer seems to have completely lost his bounce, as Jim English explains:

Whilst drunkenly stumbling home from a night out in Dalston I happened upon the scene of a plush hit and run... Tigger left for dead in middle class (Stoke Newington) enclave.

Distressing stuff. If you have further evidence of sins against animal simulacra, send your shots to tips@londonist.com.

Last Updated 22 August 2010