Giant Headless Dog Stalks Euston Road

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 101 months ago
Giant Headless Dog Stalks Euston Road

Photo by Anna Sayburn

Reader Anna Sayburn (@bloomsburyblue on Twitter) sends in the above photograph, depicting a huge, headless canine being transported on the back of a truck along the Euston Road.

What's the story behind the forlorn four-paw: is it the star attraction for a new Jeff Koons installation, or perhaps part of the marketing material for the upcoming Tintin film?

Our suspicion is that the dog was part of a recent publicity campaign organised by Hasbro, owners of the board game Monopoly. You might have seen it: to "celebrate" the game's 75th anniversary, they used GPS to identity the location of the "Go" square, and conveniently for everyone, discovered it was in a picturesque location beside the London Eye. Hasbro even roped in some cartographers to prove it, and brought along a collection of giant-sized game pieces (including the Scottie dog) to celebrate.

It was a story covered by certain sections of the media. Luckily, the ever-diligent Diamond Geezer had a few spare moments to properly dissect the geographical mumbo-jumbo.

Last Updated 27 August 2010