Britain's Oldest Boxing Club Gets New Gym

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 92 months ago
Britain's Oldest Boxing Club Gets New Gym

An old boxing gym where your grandfather's pop might've battled other pugilists, Queensberry Rules style, is to get a pre-Olympic rebuild. St Pancras Amateur Boxing Club in Kentish Town, which claims to be the oldest boxing club in Britain (something that Borough's Lynn Athletic Club might dispute), will throw in the towel on its current, dilapidated Seventies-era facility this January. The building will be destroyed and re-built as a sparkly new gym, with two floors of new flats perched on top to please the bean-counters. Britain's in need of a few Olympian boxers — our recent medallists (Amir Khan and James DeGale) tend to switch to the pro ranks early, so a new gym to train the up-and-comers for 2012 is most welcome.

Last Updated 13 August 2010

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