2012 Brand Launch, Camden Roundhouse

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2012 Brand Launch, Camden Roundhouse

No matter what your opinion of the 2012 olympics, we're now all helpless to stop it and we won't be able to get away from it for five years so in a Stockholm Syndrome-like way we should all come to love our captors and get excited.

After a video treasure hunt across the web, today the branding was launched. How was it to represent London? Would it be all beefeaters and black cabs? The London eye? A binge drinker vomiting onto a pigeon?

We attended today's launch at the Roundhouse in Camden, attracted by the promise of a large multimedia presentation by Seb Coe and the added promise of celebrity - who would there be? Makosi from last year's Big Brother? Will Young? Sally Gunnell? We would have settled for just Gunnell.

Unfortunately Sally was nowhere to be seen. But we did get to see paralympic champion Tanni Grey Thompson, Kelly Holmes, Jamelia (who, to great applause, pledged to teach her children to swim), Jose Mourinho, who looked happy with his newly shaven head and mumbled something about how by 2012 he will be a real Londoner and Andrew Murray, who pledged to inspire young people although he looked so miserable that the only thing that he was inspiring anyone to do was to shake him. Also on stage was a pupil from a school in East London that sent a group of children to the vote in Singapore when London won the games. He seems to be the official child of the 2012 olympics and will no doubt be in rehab by age 17.


It was all very inspirational - "What do you want your children to achieve in 2012?" "Where do you want to be by 2012?" We threw up into our mouths a little when we were told by olympian Denise Lewis to "be the change we want to see". We were shown ever more inspirational video, Ken said something about how London's multiculturalism is "a model for the future of humanity" and then it was time to reveal the logo. We'll let you draw your own conclusions. All we'll say is that it'll look great on a glow-in-the-dark T shirt. If you love it and want the image as a background for your mobile phone, text "2012" to 80988. If you'd rather register your disgust, there is a petition here.

The logo design (which comes in four colours - orange, blue, pink and a horrible green) by Wolf Olins cost £400,000 to develop and took a year of research.

On their website, there is a template to make your own design which you can upload to the site - there is already a good gallery developing.

No news on the mascot yet. Our vote is for Steven Redgrave.

And finally, this Londonista will let you in on a personal secret...

Despite the fact that if you squint it looks a bit like a couple engaging in an act of oral sex and despite the fact that one of the Londonist co-editors described it as a "joke", I really like it. To those of you who agree with me - I fear we might be part of an oppressed minority for the next five years.

(highlight over the above gap to see it!)

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as posted elsewhere, it *IS* Lisa Simpson giving head.


thank you for that charming image...(runs off to tell colleagues) I wonder what'll happen when the chaps on b3ta get their hands on it?


Why the hell was dippy Jamelia there? Is a now failed, dropped pop star from Birmingham the best they could find?


i rest my case: see b3ta.com already, **caution not always safe for work.**


Well, I like it, although I now can't get jk's image out of my head every time I look at it.


It could be worse. It could have been Maggie, with sound effects...oh, wait a minute.


Why does it remind me of a swastika? A camp swastika at that, in the glaring, hideous, oh-so-now, oh-so-nu-rave day-glo pink at least. The other shades are no better. Did we learn nothing from the 80s?! Just say no to fluorescents, kids.

I think I can see reversed SS symbols in there too. Or maybe I've just been watching the Hitler *cough* History Channel too much recently. Yikes.


props to "Sean" who just got a MS Paint goatse 2012 logo broadcast on London Tonight with two hands pulling apart the "0".

Awesome stuff.


I'm not that Sean, but it was hilarious seeing the pictures of a Goatse 2012 on the BBC.

What next? Meatspin on ITV2?


It's hideous and we should not have to tolerate it.


I don't normally get worked up about this sort of thing, but I'll make an exception in this case.

That logo is utterly dreadful. I'm actually quite pissed off that:
(a) some idiots have pocketed nearly half a million quid for that pile of shit
(b) that absurd logo is going to inevitably become associated with London, and will make the city that I love a laughing stock in the eyes of the rest of the world


Damn, you guys take this stuff too seriously.
Ok its a crap logo, but really who cares?

I'm more concerned that we start building the stadium and olympic village as we're running out of time and Wembley wasnt the best indicator for our organisational skills.