Queensway Restaurant Had Mouse In Sweet And Sour Sauce

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Queensway Restaurant Had Mouse In Sweet And Sour Sauce

Would you...care for a rat?

Grim lunch time reading, courtesy of the Standard. Three Chinese restaurants were closed down in 2008 after failing health inspections to an almost tragi-comic degree. Inspectors snooping at the Kam Tong restaurant on Queensway found a mouse 'swimming' in the sweet and sour sauce (yes, we presume it was the backstroke too). This unexpected murine intervention was but the tip of a miceberg. Cockroach eggs were found in the dim sum, mouse poo on the chopping boards and an oozing of grease decorated a ventilation canopy.

The restaurant was immediately closed down, along with two neighbouring outlets owned by the same manager. After a hefty fine, the proprietor Ronald Lim has reportedly reopened all three, but is being closely monitored by watchdogs. Meanwhile, anyone who actually wants to be served a rodent might care to book for Fawlty Towers: The Dining Experience, which takes place on the Hispaniola boat (Embankment) in November.

Last Updated 27 July 2010