New Restaurant Review: Dishoom

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New Restaurant Review: Dishoom

Photography by Chris Osburn

As alluded in our recent write up about the opening of this lovingly stylized Mumbai munchery, Londonist was keen to return to Dishoom to give its menu a proper go. Canapés at launch parties are delightful and, in the case of Dishoom, intriguingly delicious but are hardly the stuff for restaurant reviews. So we went back this morning for a taste of their breaky menu.

We've done the Anglo-Indian breakfast thing before … and adored it. Dishoom's morning menu pleased us immensely as well: best cuppa chai you're apt to find in town (or around Leicester Square anyway), awesome but not overwhelmingly lengthy list of items, friendly service, comfy booths … and lots of delectable etcs! Indeed, we now reckon a reasonable facsimile of happiness is a sausage naan roll with chilli jam and coriander (£3.50). And a delicious breakfast lassi (£3.20) is filling enough to last most people until lunch.

Of course it's not just about breakfast at Dishoom. The all day menu appears to be a winner and we're already keen for another visit (don't worry - we won't bore you with another rave). In short, we're chuffed greatly to find a resto concept as pleasing to palate as it is to the eye. So, if any folks out there in interweb land are in the business of doling out restaurant design awards … ahem.

Dishoom is located at 12 Upper St Martin's Lane (WC2H 9FB). Visit the Dishoom website (which sez this eatery is “open all day”) at

Last Updated 27 July 2010