Dishoom! London's First Bombay Cafe Opens on Upper St Martin's Lane

By tikichris Last edited 100 months ago
Dishoom! London's First Bombay Cafe Opens on Upper St Martin's Lane

Photography by Chris Osburn

Even casual readers of this site should be aware that we Londonistas hit a lot of restaurant and bar openings. We're usually pretty pleased with what's sprouting up in our city's food-and-drink-scape, but could honestly shrug our multi-contributor shoulders at much of it. Then, a concept that's interesting, inspired and delicious comes along. Yeah, we really liked what we saw going on at last night's launch of Dishoom.

Open to the public today, Dishoom is an idealized version of a traditional Irani Cafe (see Dishoom's rather thoughtful blog post for more about that). Decidedly stuck in mid century India without any pesky cobwebs and doing a fine job at staying just this side of kitsch, it's a themed restaurant that Londonist can imagine visiting time and time again. But not just for the distilled Bombay ambience.

The food here is to savour. Canapé versions of Dishoom's squid and prawn dishes tantalized us something fierce last night. And we thought their green chilli cheese toast was scrummy (think Asian rarebit). We're keen to return … particularly for breaky. Yes they serve breakfast, and bacon naan rolls with chilli jam and coriander seem like just the way to start a Central London morning on the go. And one or three of Dishoom's chilli martinis could be a splendid way to end it.

We're heading back soon for more thorough menu explorations. But for your taste buds' sake, don't wait for us.

Dishoom is located at 12 Upper St Martin's Lane (WC2H 9FB). Visit the Dishoom website (which sez this eatery is “open all day”) at

Last Updated 15 July 2010