A Tour Of West Ashfield Tube Training Centre

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 102 months ago
A Tour Of West Ashfield Tube Training Centre

London Reconnections has been on a tour of West Ashfield station.

It's a stop you won't find on any tube map: housed in a building near West Kensington station, the facility is used to train station staff, but in typical TfL fashion, contains an attention to detail that is all the more remarkable given that it's something almost no members of the public will ever see. Take a look through the photos for more.

The building also houses a fully-funcitoning model railway, which takes the notion of invented stations even further (the "line" includes Kensington Palace and Hammersmith Bridge) and is currently being used to practice signalling implementations for the new S-class stock that will be coming into service this year. The model is, incidentally, catnip to any trainspotter, and if TfL put it to market it would be sold out by Christmas. Here's a video of it in action; see if you can resist calling up Argos and asking if they stock it.

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Last Updated 09 July 2010