UFO Hunters Demand Disclosure from 10 Downing Street

By Scott Wood Last edited 167 months ago

Last Updated 30 June 2010

UFO Hunters Demand Disclosure from 10 Downing Street

Flying Saucers.jpg The things you say when you're on the stump and on a roll in an election campaign and then someone throws you a curve-ball.

David ‘Dave’ Cameron was at a public meeting in Tynemouth, North Tyneside in February when a member of the audience asked he would, if elected, “lift the veil of secrecy” over UFOs? Cameron, hedging his bets, responded that he had "no idea whether any of the sightings which have taken place or whether any incidents which have taken place have any basis in truth. I would be quite happy to give you a guarantee that if I became prime minister I would always be entirely open and frank about these things.”

So now the coalition has landed the emergency budget on us and starting inquiring into British complicity in torture isn’t it about time Cameron kept his promise about UFOs? Two Scottish UFOlogists, Malcolm Robinson of Strange Phenomena Investigations, and Councillor Billy Buchanan, of flying saucer hotspot Bonnybridge, think so and will be protesting outside 10 Downing Street at 1pm on Monday 5th July to remind David Cameron of his pledge.

The two have been indefatigable in pursuing Prime Ministers in the name of UFO truth, Malcolm writes on his Facebook page: “Councillor Buchanan and I initially requested UFO Disclosure from former Prime Minister John Major, that fell on deaf ears, then we tried Tony Blair when he was elected, that too fell on deaf ears.” How about fellow Scot Gordon Brown? “I believe Billy tried with Gordon Brown; that too failed to materialise.”

Londonist has taken a great interest in local UFOs in the past and is looking forward to this protest. Of course the National Archives have been releasing all their data on UFO reports in searchable PDFs with highlights, but our protestors don’t believe that is 'the truth' and that when one wants to know something, get thee to a Prime Minister and not some lowly archivist.

Photo by greybeardother