Lembit Öpik To Enter Mayoral Race

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Lembit Öpik To Enter Mayoral Race

Photo / Keith Edkins
Former MP and serial 'sleb dater Lembit Öpik has revealed that he is in discussion with Liberal Democrat leaders about becoming the party's candidate for the 2012 mayoral election. Since losing his Welsh seat in May, the "colourful" politician has had a stab at stand-up comedy and made a decent, self-deprecating appearance on Have I Got News For You, suggesting that his future aspirations bent toward the frivolous. But his designs on City Hall look serious: Öpik believes that his "libertarian" values could be good for the capital. Let's see here.. a well-known politician, famed for his bumblingly comical appearances and a fruity love life, entering a race where he's treated as little more than a joker by the incumbent until it's too late. Sound familiar?

Last Updated 29 June 2010