Idiosyncratic And Radioactive: 2012 News

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Idiosyncratic And Radioactive: 2012 News

When we heard Danny Boyle might direct the 2012 opening ceremony we were rooting for zombies, drugs and rock 'n' roll. Looks like we'll be disappointed on the former but an interview with Boyle over the weekend indicates British pop music will feature strongly in the show which will be both "epic and intimate". Promising "spectacle and marvel" expect golden hued acrobatic gymnasts from misspelled Spelbound and their talented forerunners, Diversity, finding plum slots in the ceremonials which - given we can't compete with Beijing's 4 hour, £70 million affair - will be characterised by our country's many idiosyncrasies. Queuing at the bus stop with umbrellas again? Let's hope not.

Meanwhile, the uncertain future of the cupcake wibbles further with the revelation that radioactive waste beneath the stadium would not withstand further development on the site. Questions will be asked in the London Assembly about how radioactive material has been disposed of and establish whether cost cutting measures on preparing the site will prove false economy post 2012. Should the stadium be demolished to make way for housing, further remediation work may well be required. Which, on top of the removal of Tessa Jowell, could be good news for West Ham.

Just 767 days to go.

Last Updated 21 June 2010