Danny Boyle To Direct 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony?

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Danny Boyle To Direct 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony?


Where do you go after directing Slumdog Millionaire to both critical and popular success? Staging the greatest, most-watched show on Earth, perhaps? Rumours suggest that Danny Boyle is top choice to orchestrate the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics. A parade of 'anonymous sources' are talking up the director, who is on-record saying 'It would be lovely, wouldn't it?'.

Further speculation tips Britain's Got Talent winners Spelbound to headline at the event. Surely Danny's namesake Susan Boyle must also feature, if only so we can call it 'overBoyled'.

The director's most recent work on the Olympic Boroughs turned them into a zombie-terrorised wasteland, while his most famous early flick featured the drug-induced decline of a clean-cut athlete. Zombies, drugs and rock & roll. This might just work. Image Romina Espinosa.

Last Updated 07 June 2010