CultureLine Asks: Which Is Better, North Or South London?

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Last Updated 29 June 2010

CultureLine Asks: Which Is Better, North Or South London?

OK, it's a slightly different confrontation, but we used to heart this game.

It's a tedious, banal question, which Time Out would doubtless still pursue every 10 issues if they weren't so focused on chronicling every cupcake-smeared floorboard in every new East-end pop-up fancy dress New York-style celebrity sample sale. But the North versus South debate just keeps coming back, like some hideous fusion of Ken Livingstone and Jason Vorhees. And here we go again.

This time round, the culprits are CultureLine, a worthy if conceptually stretched effort to promote museums close to the East London Line. So, batting for the North, we have such venues as the Geffrye Museum and the Whitechapel Gallery, whereas doon Sooth, the likes of the Horniman Museum and Brunel Museum take to the crease.

To add some fizz to their site, CultureLine have set up a short survey aimed at categorically determining, once and for all, whether the North or South of London is most culturally impressive. You can take part and support your favoured metropolitan moiety here. Results will be revealed in July.