The London Cycle Challenge

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The London Cycle Challenge


Teams all over London are gearing up for this year's London Cycle Challenge, in which groups (catagorised by size) compete to cycle as many miles as possible during the month of June. Prizes, which include Evans Cycles vouchers and leisure days, are awarded to the top performing teams, as set out on the online leaderboard.

After creating your own team, or joining someone else’s, you then log in every day to the TfL website to enter the number of miles you have covered. Boris Johnson, commenting on last years competition, puts the challenge in astronomical terms:

Last year more than 5,000 Londoners cycled more than 950,000 miles as part of the challenge, which is apparently the equivalent of travelling to the moon and back twice. This is London’s Year of Cycling, and so this time we've made the challenge even bigger - opening it up beyond just schools and workplaces, so that anybody can put a team together and take part.

The London Cycle Challenge is the latest initiative to encourage cycling in London. Of course, the announcement we are most eagerly awaiting is for the London Cycle Hire Scheme which launches on 30 July.

By Andreas Kambanis. Andreas publishes an eBook with 25 London Cycle Routes. You can join his cycle challenge team.

Last Updated 27 May 2010