STYLEist: The Rising Designer Interviews - Saffron Knight

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STYLEist: The Rising Designer Interviews - Saffron Knight
Saffron Knight
Saffron Knight
Saffron Knight
Saffron Knight

London's taste for the eclectic and avant-garde keeps it firmly at the frontiers of fashion - creating the perfect, fertile environment from which an abundance of new designers can emerge. The energy and diversity of the city has been a constant source of inspiration for generations of London-based designers and indeed, anyone interested in fashion, and this new series of STYLEist celebrates the amazing talents of the capital's up and coming style-setters.

South London gal Saffron Knight graduated in Print Design in 2008 and spent a year developing her brand before showing on her first catwalk at Fashion Mavericks, LFW this year. Inbetween time, she won International Designer of the year, Avant-garde designer of the year and London4London t-shirt competition. Designing T-shirts for Asos and Joy, and working on her next collection ready for S/S/11 is currently keeping her busy, along with some part-time waitressing at The Hilton.

Describe your brand

Unusual. bold, individual for the strong, ambitious woman. I have drawn influences from my dual British/Jamaican heritage and my brand embraces both classic english cuts and vivid dancehall styles and colours.

What does fashion mean to you?

It's my passion, it's where I feel free to express myself and be in touch with the never ending creative flow. When I am designing, there is always music on - lovers' rock most of the time. This really enhances the whole creative process for me.

Who epitomises London Fashion for you?

Vivienne Westwood with her raw, eclectic, mix n match style. Also Paloma Faith

Has London inspired you or your designs in any way?

The architecture! The juxtaposition and clashing of old and new buildings. The art galleries and any art from the Romantic Period.

Where do you hang out?

East London, Shoreditch, Brick Lane. I love the vintage shops, the junk shops, the crazy people and the late night bars

What's the worst outfit you've seen someone wearing on the tube?

There's plenty of people who seem to get dressed in the dark! Ill- fitting clothes are my pet hate!

What was the first thing you designed?

It was for my degree show and I used the draping technique to dress mannequins in an eccentric way which created a very busy energy combined with the clashes of print.

Which designers inspire you?

London based Turkish designer Erdem and Christian Lacroix

Where can we buy your clothes?

The t-shirts you can buy from my website and I'm just awaiting stockists for the collection.

Images - Simon armstrong. Image re-touching - Toufik Bennemer

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