Photographic Subjects Required: I Live Here

By Lindsey Last edited 106 months ago
Photographic Subjects Required: I Live Here


Do you live in a high rise, have an interesting collection in your home, profess eccentricity, share quarters with some lively people or dwell in a a live/work environment? Are you an artist, one smidge of a collective, a squatter, a single, a couple or family? Basically, are you open to having a photographic portrait taken in your home, capturing where you are right now?

If so, Matt Thompson wants to hear from you. He's endeavouring to photograph a cross section of London society in their own environments for a project called simply, "I Live Here". He's started already and you can view the first few shoots on his website under the portraits section. He will exhibit the work in June/July as it stands and then again in the winter once the project is complete.

We'll be inviting Matt into Londonist Towers to snap us reclining on our moquette sofa, sipping from our Monopoly mug and wearing our postcode t-shirt and tube map pants.

Anyone who is interested in participating, or wants to find out more please contact Matt: (and yes, that's confusingly 3 t's in the middle).

Last Updated 18 May 2010