Mayor Promises City-Wide WiFi By 2012

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 104 months ago
Mayor Promises City-Wide WiFi By 2012

Photo / Pit Van Meeffe
Speaking at Google's Zeitgeist conference in Hertfordshire yesterday, Boris Johnson promised that London would enjoy blanket wifi access by 2012, meaning Olympic athletes will be able to quickly and easily search online for which performance-enhancing drugs are legal. Offering a fresh new challenge to vandalisers and petty thieves across London, the Mayor said that "every lamppost [and] bus stop" would be fitted with a device, creating little pools of wireless connectivity and eventually allowing a signal to permeate every crevice of the capital. Naturally, it's going to have a (as yet unannounced) cost attached, so our map of free wifi in London isn't redundant just yet.

Last Updated 20 May 2010