'Ghost' Dog Lead Highlights Abandoned Animal Deaths

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'Ghost' Dog Lead Highlights Abandoned Animal Deaths

Walking along Quaker Street, Spitalfields yesterday we encountered this strange memorial attached to a tree. 'Every hour, one abandoned dog disappears forever,' claims the label, which hangs from a ghostly white dog lead.

The message highlights the plight of abandoned animals, which (according to the Mail) are put down at the rate of one an hour in the UK.

The white dog lead recalls the ghost bike campaign, where white bicycles are left on the scene of fatal road accidents involving bicycles.

We're not sure who's behind this latest campaign, or if other ghost leads have been left around town. If you've seen one, do let us know.

Last Updated 08 May 2010


Looks like the Dogs Trust colour scheme and font to me, and they're based in East London, it would seem: http://www.dogstrust.org.uk/ab...
They also have some involvement in the Mail article you link to, and would appear to be the source of the 'one an hour' statistic.
Mystery solved?

abby m

It's not Dog Trust. The leads are from We're For Dogs, part of the Pedigree Adoption drive. Pretty cool: £1 for every view of their video http://www.youtube.com/wearefo... and 50p for every like on their Facebook page goes to the Petplan Charitable Trust to help abandoned dogs.



I think you've gotten the wrong end of the stick Lindsey. If anything, Battersea and Dogs Trust are brands in themselves and have marketing resource. This adoption drive will go to a large number of small, local ADCH member shelters and rescues which don't have the resource which you've mentioned.

Prove it to yourself, do a google search for Battersea dogs home, Dogs Trust, and then do a search for Jersey SPCA Animals' Shelter. Which of them can afford paid search advertising? The brands you know, or the local shelters you've never heard of?