Comedy Review: Idiots Of Ants @ Soho Theatre

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Comedy Review: Idiots Of Ants @ Soho Theatre


One hour comedy sketch show "This is War" is not about war. The opening sketch is actually a WWII themed, (dare we say it) postmodern introduction to Idiots of Ants, as they realise they're not actually in a fighter plane with a Nazi captive but in a show, in Soho and establish that the boundary between the real and the fantastic is really rather flexible. And then you're face to face with Andrew, Ben, James and Elliot: four white middle class 30ish lads who are all energetic actors of above average brain with an infectious enthusiasm for the ridiculous and who play with the form of the sketch show, engaging the audience (seducing them and making them sing - in fact) and using multimedia props for that extra layer of laughs.

Their laddish preoccupations are difficult to escape. Sketches feature the aforementioned war scene, boys being subjected to the terrifying reality of changing from boy into stereotypical 'dad', attempts to gangbang an audience member, Where's Wally?, an excellent Wii fighting game and that thing helium does to your vocal chords.

Their intelligence peeps through the silly sketches as their plotting and call backs play out; a half time analysis is pitched as football pundits reviewing the action so far and "critiquing" it, shedding new light on previous funnies, slagging off performances or elucidating that bit that felt a wee bit strange. Some plants work, some don't. A hen night sketch which draws equal admonishment as giggles lazily relies on the tired comedy staple of the differences between men and women but when a man dresses as a baby and tells his dad and stupid friends they're cunts it's funny, as are the string of daft fart gags and the fact that these guys struggle to keep their own faces straight throughout.

They may may have a cleverly subverted act name but this is an endearingly stupid one hour comedy sketch show that leans heavily on guffs and gets lots of guffaws. Boys will be boys, and we can't wait to see what they come up with for their Edinburgh show.

Idiots of Ants "This is War" is at Soho Theatre tonight until Saturday. £10. First previews of the new Edinburgh show happen at Pleasance Theatre, 9 & 10 June. All gig info here.

Last Updated 19 May 2010