Volcanic Ash Disrupts London Airports

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Volcanic Ash Disrupts London Airports

Pretend that tree is an ash and you have a serviceable reconstruction.
It's a sentence we never thought we'd write: many flights out of London are cancelled due to fire and brimstone. More accurately, a volcanic ash cloud from an Icelandic eruption is working its way through British air space, causing more disruption to aircraft than an agitated workers' union in exploding underpants. Many Scottish and northern airports are completely closed, with knock-on effects to London's traffic. Around 300 flights from local airports have been cancelled, with transatlantic hauls particularly affected. Obviously, be sure to check with your airline if you're planning on flying today or tomorrow. Update: It's now confirmed that all London airports will be closed for flights from 11.30am: a good day to enjoy Kew Gardens, as one Twitterer notes.

Last Updated 15 April 2010