Sunglass-Wearing Commuter Gets Dressing Down

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 107 months ago
Sunglass-Wearing Commuter Gets Dressing Down

Photo / nic_and_nath
An ocularly-sensitive passenger at Warren Street station was given a verbal bollocking by the driver of a Tube train for standing too close to the platform edge. As the train entered the station, the driver saw the commuter, sporting a pair of sunglasses, straying dangerously close to the track; in a heroic stand against fashion faux-pas, he launched into a proper ticking off over the intercom, and ordered the person to take the sunnies off. TfL have received no complaint about the matter, although in a possibly related development, Victoria Beckham was seen entering her lawyer's office shortly afterward. The driver's mild rebuke is a definite improvement on the attitude displayed last year by Tube worker "Ian" who threatened to "sling" a passenger under the train.

Last Updated 29 April 2010