Video: Tube Passenger Threatened By Station Staff

Dean Nicholas
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Video: Tube Passenger Threatened By Station Staff

Via Annie Mole's blog we've been alerted to footage of a rather disturbing incident that happened on a Central line platform yesterday and that, following the incident last week at Clapham North, again calls into question the ability of Tube staff to handle certain dangerous situations.

Jonathan McDonald witnessed a scene in which an elderly man's arm became caught in the door of a faulty train at Holborn. The man was later treated with a furious reaction by staff when he related the story. McDonald filmed the entire incident, which captures the salient points: a pony-tailed Tube worker ("Ian") yells at the man to step behind the yellow line, then demands that he come upstairs to "talk to the police". When the man refuses and boards the newly-arrived train, Ian informs all about him that the train won't be leaving until that "little girl" gets off.

Evidently realising that he's lost the argument, Ian eventually relents and lets the train go, but not before, in an off-camera aside, appearing to say: "let's sling him under a train".

As both McDonald and Annie Mole note, this happened on the same day that inflation-buggering fare rises were announced. Makes you proud to live here, really.

Last Updated 16 October 2009


"jumped up little git"??! He's not going to pass his customer service test.


somebody needs to revise their hiring procedures.


shocking. since when do TFL employees have the right to detain you for doing nothing?


Gotta point out that, despicable though this is, we don't have footage of what happened to stoke up that reaction. For all we know the passenger might have flobbed in the guy's face, or threatened his kids, or who knows what. Not condoning...just saying we only really have one side of the story.


Here comes another strike over 'Ian's' suspension...


Boris has tweeted: "Appalled by the video. Have asked TfL to investigate urgently. Abuse by passengers or staff is never acceptable."



I have seen this tube guy do this at Holborn before but worse. He was right in a guys face shouting very very loudly at him. The packed platform was just stood in silent disbelief. It was pretty bad