Preview: London Ghost Week, Back To Haunt Us

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Preview: London Ghost Week, Back To Haunt Us

ghostweek.jpg The second London Ghost Week, organised by geistmeisters Fright Nights, runs from 7th to 15th May, and promises a spectrum of spectral spectacles.

Along with some fairly obvious fare - Jack the Ripper and Dick Turpin ghost walks, for example - the festival includes many original highlights, including:

Sat 8th May, Murder in the Mitre

Séances, divination and other creepy goings-on in this all-evening spooky soiree, in the company of two TV ghost hunters. The venue is the Mitre pub near Lancaster Gate.

Sat 8th May, Gay Ghost Hunt At Ragged School

This one's an all-nighter, and we can vouch for the creepiness of the venue. The 'gay' epithet refers to the sexuality of the mediums and not of the ghosts. Possibly.

Thur 13th May, Britain's Youngest Female Medium

She's called Rachelle, and she thinks she can speak to the dead. Well, if it's going to work anywhere, it's in the Morpeth Arms, Pimlico, a reputedly haunted pub on the site of the old Millbank prison.

Sat 15th May, Ghost Station with Bobby Marchesso

Remember that bizarre Michael Jackson séance? Marchesso was one of the psychics in attendance. He's now leading an all-night paranormal investigation at RAF Hendon - the site of many a ghostly sighting. Maybe you can get him to channel Douglas Bader to see if artificial limbs get carried over into the afterlife, or whether his real ones were waiting there for him.

Even if you're a complete sceptic, there's much to enjoy at these events, as we found last year. Treat them as highly interactive theatre in an historic building, and you'll have a whale of a time. If you're addlepated enough to believe in spooks and seancés, you might just wet yourself.

Last Updated 19 April 2010