Flights To Baghdad Resume After 20 Year Hiatus

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 105 months ago
Flights To Baghdad Resume After 20 Year Hiatus

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It isn't likely to be a favoured city-break destination quite yet, but yesterday evening the first scheduled passenger jet in 20 years from Baghdad to London touched down at Gatwick airport. Iraqi Airways will run two flights per week between the two cities, stopping briefly in Sweden on the westbound route for security checks, and flying directly back to Iraq. Flights between the capitals were suspended in 1990 following the invasion of Kuwait by that moustachioed Machievellian, Saddam Hussein. Though only 30 people troubled themselves to board yesterday's flight, traffic is expected to pick up once start advertising a tromp along the Tigris or a mosey in Mosul.

Last Updated 26 April 2010