Week Around The -Ists

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Week Around The -Ists

Photo by Stuart Axe.

Londonist is one of thirteen in the worldwide Gothamist network. Once a week, the editors of each site - from SFist to Shanghaiist - compile some of their most interesting posts into a neat digest. Check out what's been going on elsewhere in the ist-a-verse:

  • Londonist found photos of the day the space shuttle came to London, and took a special trip on the city's new Tube line, getting a video from inside the driver's cab.
  • Phillyist nominated yet another asshole of the week, and not without controversy.
  • Chicagoist ran a special video series, "Detailed," in which they explored four examples of local, self-employed artisans: The Chef, The Carpenter, The Bookbinder, and The Technician.
  • LAist was shaken up by a 4.4 earthquake at 4:04 Tuesday morning, and by talk that the San Diego "runaway Prius" was maybe a hoax.
  • Torontoist, following in Londonist's footsteps, figured out their city's exact geographic center. With science!
  • Gothamist's commenters think a NJ woman's fantasy to become 1,000 pounds is, well, kind of insane.
  • SFist was shocked and delighted to hear that Orly Taitz, queen of the birther movement, has decided to run for the Republican Party's nomination for California's Secretary of State.
  • Bostonist contemplated 1,001 beers.
  • Last Updated 21 March 2010