Preview: Intelligence-Squared Debates @ Methodist Central Hall

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Last Updated 30 March 2010

Preview: Intelligence-Squared Debates @ Methodist Central Hall


London is awash with evening lectures and debates of all formats and persuasions. But we feel remiss for not having previously flagged up Intelligence2, which pitches itself as 'Britain's premier debating forum'.

The Oxford Union-style debates plonk a sizeable panel of leading experts on stage to discuss key issues of the day. While that's by no means a novel idea, the sheer size of the audience (up to 2,500) and calibre of the speakers make these events something special. Upcoming evenings include:

April 29: The beautiful game? You're having a laugh!

For all it's money and fanfare, is the modern game a more or less enjoyable proposition than in the past?

Tom Bower, David Davies, Hunter Davies, Dominic Lawson, David Sheepshanks, Ed Smith, Angus Scott (Chair)

May 27: Obama's foreign policy is a gift to his enemies

Is Obama's 'softly, softly' approach to foreign diplomacy really appeasement in disguise?

Fouad Ajami, General Jack Keane, Bill Kristol, Philip Bobbitt, Bernard-Henri Levy, Simon Schama, Zeinab Badawi (Chair)

June 17: Fashion Maketh Woman

Do fashion magazines have a negative influence on women's self-worth and/or is the fashion industry a reflection of the spirit of the age, bringing joy to millions?

Madelaine Levy, Britt Lintner, Paula Reed, Stephen Bayley, Susy Orbach, Grayson Perry, Peter York (Chair)

All events take place in the Methodist Central Hall, Westminster, from 6.45pm. Tickets are pricey (£25, or £12.50 for students), but perhaps worth it considering the talent on show. Alternatively, you can watch previous events on the web site, or subscribe to the podcast via iTunes. Check their calendar for other upcoming events.