Preview: Do Something Different Weekend @ The Barbican

Dean Nicholas
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Preview: Do Something Different Weekend @ The Barbican

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The Barbican's annual bonanza of family-friendly fun returns this weekend, cramming the Arts Centre to the concrete-clad rafters with events and activities. Those without the pretext of a child to take along will have to find some other excuse to enjoy the more interesting attractions.

Take, for instance, the Barbopolis, where the object is to construct the eponymous city of the future by building skyscrapers constructed from slices of bread, marshmallows, a cheese triangle and more (unwanted materials to be scoffed at a later date). Sounds great, but it's for kids! Hey, Barbican — some adults are frustrated architects too, you know. Luckily they've put on an second run at 7pm on the Saturday, which might attract a more mature (though not necessarily more skillful) crowd.

Do Something Different makes full use of the Barbican's ample space, which is split up into different zones: Eat, Move, Play, Make, Craft, Watch, and Noise (the latter of which, including South Asian songs and percussion workshops, is held on the fourth floor, ironically the location of Cinemas 2 and 3 which are being closed down due to their inadequate soundproofing). The oft-closed Conservatory will host a concert for the under-5s by the LSO and readings by the Barbican Young Poets, while those interested in picking up a new groove stylee could try out the Bollywood Dance class or the Rajasthani Folk Dance.

Do Something Different Weekend runs from 6th-7th March. Tickets for the events are priced differently, some are free. See the complete listings for more information.

Last Updated 01 March 2010