Chemists Hunt Chewing Gum Graffiti Artist

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Chemists Hunt Chewing Gum Graffiti Artist


Remember Ben Wilson, the chap who paints minute artwork on discarded blobs of gum? The Royal Society of Chemistry, of all people, are trying to track him down with a commission. The RSC want Ben to depict the 117 chemical elements on his miniature medium. It's the latest creative idea to emerge from the north-east corner of Burlington House. Last year, they hired a Bumble-esque Beadle to dish out gruel to passers-by. A spokesperson was quick to counter any suggestion that their latest wheeze might promote spitter-litter: "I would add that we do not support people dropping their gum on the pavement. In fact there has been work performed in the UK by chemists to combat the problem." Image by StefZ in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 26 March 2010