Sunday Strike Called Off

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 99 months ago
Sunday Strike Called Off

edgware_road_130210.jpg The RMT have called off tomorrow's planned 24 hour strike, which would have affected all the old Metronet lines (in other words, everything bar the Northern, Piccadilly and Jubilee lines). After walking out on the 5th over a dispute about working rosters, Bob Crow said results of Acas negotiations represented a "massive breakthrough" - or perhaps, since TfL insist the previous strike had "no impact", their willingness to down tools every time someone farts in their general direction is losing its effectiveness? Whatever; you can now all get out to your lovely wintry Valentines walks / dinners / sullenly single moping with only the usual TfL closures to plan round. (Image / hidden shine)

Last Updated 13 February 2010


That's good to know, still the last one didn't really have an effect, the broken signals still got fixed, slower but fixed. Anyway why strike on a Sunday when as usual most lines are out for work anyway? Leave broken signals for the Monday rush hour? That wouldn't work, we all know that most lines are off on Monday morning due to overworking maintenance anyway.