Populist: 14-20 February

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Populist: 14-20 February

Handy links to the week's most popular posts, and a heads up on what's happening around London.

In the news:
  • Oyster problems — user ineptitude? Or an error-prone system that screws cash out of travellers?
  • There were some not-so-isolated reports of stinky tap water in north-east London.
  • Confirmation that Boris is a turn-off. Ahem.
  • Local residents cried foul over a pair of proposed Islamic sculptures on Brick Lane.
  • Some people are actually paying for the 'free' Evening Standard. Duh.
  • Abbey Road Studios are up for sale and the National Trust are interested.
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    Around town:

  • We stuffed our faces with chips.
  • London on the twee: a miniature Hackney terrace at the Museum of London.
  • Singletons looked for love and laughter at a comedy speed-dating evening.
  • Turns out that woman off Will and Grace could actually sing.
  • In the first of a new series, we rounded up a boozy collection of pub quizzes.
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    Comment of the week:

    "It's the 21st century, shouldn't we be moving away from things based around bronze age superstitions and belief in all powerful sky faeries?"

    - sinisterpictures on the Brick Lane sculpture

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