Londonist Tech Update: Istaverse App And Comment Emails

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Londonist Tech Update: Istaverse App And Comment Emails

2010_2_istaverse.jpg You may have heard that Gothamist (our sister and parent site - don't ask, we're an incestuous bunch) has released its first iPhone app. We call it Istaverse and it contains all the magic of the 'Ist' sites in a convenient Apple-approved form. The app offers advantages over our iPhone mobile website: it downloads stories so you can read them when you're offline, and it makes reading the other cities a cinch when you're traveling.

We've also made a tweak to the non-mobile site. We've added the ability to subscribe to comments on particular stories on Londonist. When you comment, you'll be offered a check-box to subscribe- if you check it, you'll be emailed when other people leave comments on that story. The check-box defaults to the 'off' position, but if you turn it on, it'll remember your preference with a cookie.

Finally, remember you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and good old RSS.

We have a few other things coming down the line, including a site redesign and a better comments system. But if you have any other feature ideas or requests, let us know!

Last Updated 23 February 2010