Gavin Bond: Music - 21st Century Rock 'n' Roll Royalty

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Gavin Bond: Music - 21st Century Rock 'n' Roll Royalty

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Gavin Bond is one of the Uk's most successful contemporary photographers, having shot highly intimate and exciting photographs of some of musics' best loved icons over the past decade. This new exhibition of music photography, his first here in London for 11 years, gives us the opportunity to see images that have never been seen in the UK before and promises to get us up close and personal to some rock greats. Currently travelling around the US with Green Day as their official photographer, we managed to get him to take a rest from his shutterbug activities and give us the low-down....

What are you most excited about in having your first show here in London for 11 years?

Being able to invite all the people that helped and supported me early on in my career and being able to come ‘full circle’.

What aspect of your work gives you the most pleasure?

The variety, meeting fascinating people and travelling to places and experiencing new cultures.

Out of all of the photographs you've taken, which is the one that sums you/your style up best?

In regards to the images in the show it would be the series of pictures of Scott Wyland from Velvet Revolver. I spent two days capturing Scott and this allowed me to cover many aspects from the private down time to the showman and the live aspect, shooting in different medias and switching up how I approach each subject.This shoot had a good balance of everything I like and enjoy.

Your first book is focused on Green Day - why them?

I worked on a shoot with them on Q Magazine I made them a little book as a gift and it went from there.They asked me if I would like to work on a book with them and now I am in the middle of the whirlwind world tour. Its been the most enlightening experience and they are such a great pleasure to work with. It should be published in the fall of 2011.

You've done some collaborations, have you got any planned any time soon?

I am going to be working on a project with Formula 1 called F1 Rocks, its where music and motor sports collide. Documenting both elements and harnessing them together.

What's the secret to getting up close and personal shots, and have you ever been thumped for getting a bit too close?

Its all about getting on with the people and making them feel comfortable with you - to be invisible but knowing when to switch off and give people space. I want to be deemed as a friend and as someone who is there to collaborate.

I will leave it up to those other photographers to get too close and get thumped!

Which of the bands you've toured with have been the most 'rock n roll'? Tell us a secret!

What happens in my world stays in my world that’s between me and them sorry - don’t want to get thumped!

What burning ambitions are your harbouring?

To direct a movie, I am working more and more in moving picture and this is something on my life list.

Who are your favourite photographers?

William Klien and Richard Avedon.

Do you have any tips for any aspiring Rock photographers out there?

Go to festivals shoot all the new acts get in there build relationships.

Go on the road with a new band set yourself a little book project tell a story put that together and show people. It's all about your eye, what you see capturing those moments and emotions, everything else comes second, that’s the one part that cant be taught.

Who are you desperate to get your lens on?

In regards to world of music I would say it would have to be Bod Dylan.

Gavin Bond: Music is at Idea Generation Gallery, 23rd February - 21st March. E2 7JB

Image ©Gavin Bond

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