What Is The Best London Novel?

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What Is The Best London Novel?

London novels
Here are some we read earlier...
Few places on Earth have been fictionalised as much as London - from the bawdy Georgian novels of Defoe through the classic Victorian romps of Dickens, Stevenson, Gissing and Conan Doyle, to 20th Century landmarks from Woolf, Orwell, Ballard, Amis and Ackroyd. You could spend a life studying the novels of London, and numerous books have provided an overview.

But we don't want considered scholarship and attempts at objectivity. We want to know your favourite London novels. Right now.

To vote, simply leave a comment below, or tweet your favoured titles to @londonist, and include the hashtag #bestldnnovel.

Nominations must be set mostly or wholly in the capital - not just a one-off Londony chapter. It's tempting to pick obscure tomes that no one's heard of (and it'd be good if a few people do that), but we want to know your genuine favourites - even if they're really mainstream.

We'll publish a summary next week, and also reveal our own favourites.

Last Updated 28 January 2010