Return To Tower 42: Vertical Rush 2010

By Lindsey Last edited 167 months ago
Return To Tower 42: Vertical Rush 2010

Tower 42 by Mike King
Yes, we're going back. Whether it's the post Christmas bulge, the straight up challenge, a desire to raise a shedload of cash for Shelter or pure new year insanity, a fresh team of Londonistas is all signed up for Vertical Rush.

On 25th February at around 10.30am, five of us will ascend the 42 floors of Tower 42. All 920 steps. Last year, our James scaled the tower in a lung crushing 8.06. He's returning this year to try and beat himself (it's certainly a form of self punishment). The rest of us are Vertical Rush virgins so really don't know what to expect - 15 minutes at a steady pace is apparently very possible - but as long as we smash our fundraising target, we'll be happy.

And that's where you come in, dear readers and friends. Please sponsor Team Londonist in this mad endeavour. We promise you regular training reports and photos, commentary and possibly even some kind of jerky video footage to prove we did it. Most of all, we want to support Shelter in its aim to raise £250,000. Being homeless at this time of year, in this kind of weather really doesn't bear thinking about. Onwards, and most importantly, UPWARDS!

Please support us by making a donation via our JustGiving page and leaving an inspiring, encouraging or rude message. Training tips welcome! Vertical Rush takes place on Thursday 25 February

Last Updated 15 January 2010