Images Of 'Future London' To Go On Display At Museum Of London

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Images Of 'Future London' To Go On Display At Museum Of London

Here's a little foretaste of the Museum of London's modern London galleries, due to reopen in May this year. The continuous wide image (here shown split into two for the sake of fitting into our slimline column) shows the City and environs in the near future (main image) and more distant future (second image), as envisaged by 'creative communications firm' GMJ for display in the new galleries.

Its features range from the near-certain (the Pinnacle and Heron skyscrapers, now under construction), to the highly unlikely (mile-wide 'geodesic floating cities' seen in the skies above the second image), to the laughably impossible (a space elevator in Bloomsbury?). For some reason, our future governors have also decided to reconstruct the now-demolished 20 Fenchurch Street. Wonder if Boris was behind that one. Elsewhere, we see plenty of solar panels and wind turbines, huge areas of land reclaimed for crops, and overhead transport systems.

The image is intended to provoke debate about the future of our city. Feel free to get things started in the comments.

Last Updated 04 January 2010