Dance Review: Resolution! Day #2

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Dance Review: Resolution! Day #2

windmass.jpg Forewarned is forearmed so we skidded along to this dance sandwich with a drink inside us, nearly melting from the blast of the Robin Howard Theatre bar radiators but impressed at the turnout.

The opening slice of Resolution! tackles a representation of living with schizophrenia through dance with Molina Dance Theatre's "Skinless". The choreography is promising and mental health is ripe for exploration through dance but there's no need for an onstage representation of the voice inside the affected dancer's head, haunting the work like a freaky Edith Piaf. The singer sings amazingly and makes an awesome soundtrack but her presence detracts from the action, when the dance should be left to tell the story. It's also too long. There is fidgeting and watch glancing from the audience and an unhelpful uncertainty about the ending, not helped by an audible "shiiiit" from one of the exeunted dancers.

Next up, a thrilling creation. A duet for 2 female dancers operating in seamless synchronicity, Renaud Wiser's "Skin Walkers" works organically, rippling across the stage. It makes evident the physicality of the dancers and plays on their close interaction. A graceful structure underpins this evolving piece and the expertise of the dancers makes the complex combinations look effortless. More, please.

To end the night is a fresh and simple piece riffing on gusts of wind, syncopation and a relentless group striving. Wind Mass by No Matter (pictured) has a pleasingly loopy, quirky score and the occasional feeling that the quartet are auditioning to be brainwashed extras on Doctor Who, running away from Daleks or reaching out hypnotically for the Tardis didn't detract from our enjoyment of this debut piece.

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Last Updated 10 January 2010