Dance Preview: Resolution! 2010

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Dance Preview: Resolution! 2010

resolution040110.jpg Every January, the Robin Howard Theatre at The Place hosts Resolution! Whilst you can sum up the festival as a platform for the newest contemporary dance it just doesn't do justice to the scale of the thing nor the range of work that will be presented. It also doesn't warn you that a night at Resolution! can be somewhat hit and miss. But that's all part of its unique charm.

Starting on Wednesday, Resolution! will present 102 new pieces programmed over nightly changing triple bills. There are 3 different types of company participating: 62 brand newbies who have never featured before, 6 companies from other countries in Europe specially selected through a competitive programme and 34 companies who are returning to Resolution!

It's an unpredictable evening but strike it lucky and you'll be witnessing top talent on the ascent. Get it wrong and... well, there's a nice bar there. We'll be taking our chances on Thursday.

Resolution! is at The Place, Euston Road from 6th January until 20th February. See what's on and book online - tickets £5-£15. Read reviews of everything within 24 hours courtesy of Resolution! Review.

Last Updated 04 January 2010