Stops You Speeding

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 108 months ago
Stops You Speeding

road_limit.jpg A gadget that can stop you speeding is being trialled in 20 TfL vehicles, including a bus and a taxi. Intelligent Speed Adaptation knows where you are and what the local speed limit is; in override mode it stops you accelerating beyond the limit. (In advisory mode it just bleeps like hell and shows a frowny face. Bet that's not annoying in any way.) Developers hope to reduce accidents - and speeding fines. It might sound a bit Orwellian (especially since it records 'driver behaviour'), but as boroughs mess about with speed limits it's getting harder to remember how fast (or slow) you should be going. Now we just need a device that stops bus drivers throwing passengers around when they brake too hard and we're sorted. (Image / 'stpiduko')

Last Updated 11 May 2009


Although I have no objection to this sort of device 'on principle', I'm not entirely convinced that it's really needed. Certainly in Central London, I think it's nigh-on impossible for any vehicle to reach the speed limit anyway.

Sure, you will still see some vehicles in Central London going too fast, but that doesn't mean that they are actually breaking the speed limit. A good example would be Royal Mail vans attempting to take right-angle corners at 25mph – it may be bloody reckless (and therefore a motoring offence in its own right) but it's not actually breaking the speed limit, and would therefore not be affected by this type of speed-limiting device.

Maybe there is more of a strict 'speed-limit-exceeding' problem to be addressed outside the central area, but I somehow doubt that TfL vehicles would be the main culprits here.

Martin Belam

They already have something like this in the buses in Macau in China. They are on display at the front of the bus, so you can see how fast the driver is going, and yes, they then screech like mad if the bus exceeds the speed limit. It can make for some very noisy journeys if the driver just doesn't care.


As Dave say s you will be lucky to reach 30mph on the a13. i think they have again wasted the tax man money when there are cuts going on, think about it just for a minute they target vans lorrys cars which is good but they over come one called the motorbike.
A motor bike could do 150mph down the a13 and nothing will be done as the number plates are at the back and the new gatto reads only number plates from the front. well done to the brains on this one. so people if you want to get to a to b quicker get a motor bike and can break the speed limit knowing that it reads from the front and get away from it plus you can laugh at other motors driving cars vans and lorrys who will get the tickets.and you will beat them all.
well done tfl again well though of.