Tube Lines Boss Says Sorry

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Tube Lines Boss Says Sorry

Hot on the heels of the recent news that the Jubilee Line weekend closures will extend well into 2010, Tube Lines boss Dean Finch has apologised for the delays.

Evidently wilting under the steely glare of thousands of thwarted tube travellers, he quickly teflon'd the blame onto Transport for London, citing lack of access, awkward station supervisors and refusal to close parts of the line for work.

Boris Johnson blames part-privatisation for the delays, telling the House of Commons Transport Committee that the public-private partnership (PPP) wasn't in anyone's best interests, adding somewhat ominously that its handling of the Jubilee Line upgrade is key to the reputation of Tube Lines. This doesn't seem to have deterred National Express, however, who have approached Mr Finch about a job, though they seem to be having their own problems after the government forcibly re-nationalised the east coast franchise.

The ever-colourfully lingual mayor described conversations with Tube Lines as 'vivid', though after his stroppogram to them earlier in the week where only a disappointing 'unacceptable' was mentioned, we think some of his more interesting adjectives must have been saved for later.

Meanwhile, no matter how sorry Tube Lines are, Jubilee Line passengers will still be extending their acquaintance with replacement bus services for a while yet.

Last Updated 10 December 2009


What does he mean by lack of access? With possessions that stretch Stratford to North Greenwich or Waterloo to Stanmore that result in station closures, station supervisors aren't going to get 'awkward'. What a load of crap.

Despite all the warnings, the government still went ahead in enforcing the PPP to go ahead, so the politicians can all whinge about this until the cows come home.

Anyway, with regards to Mr. Finch: You know what they say about rats leaving a sinking ship...