Simply Awesome 3D Virtual Model Of London Coming Soon

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Simply Awesome 3D Virtual Model Of London Coming Soon

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This is, quite simply, stunning.

According to the Digital Urban blog, this three-dimensional model of London will be released in Jan/Feb 2010 via a company called Skape. A video fly-through of Victoria Street appears to show every building in accurate, coloured detail. Not sure about the putrid colour of the Thames, though. Did they collect that data in 1850? More info when we have it.

Last Updated 10 December 2009


I don't know... I'm a little underwhelmed. It looks like a London version of Grand Theft Auto circa 2002.


the firm zmapping already has a model like this, though not as texture-mapped


Nice but not a new idea, see all this before for CGI work.


Or a new city on The Sims 3. lol


It'll be worth it if we finally get a detailed 3D London for Google Earth.