Kate Moss Embodies Style And Spirit Of London

By Lindsey Last edited 111 months ago
Kate Moss Embodies Style And Spirit Of London

The British Fashion Awards closed their 25th anniversary celebrations last night with a gala of gongs to the gorgeous. The special 'London 25' award went, unsurprisingly, to Croydon girl done good, Kate Moss.

Voted for by the public - or at least the public that care about style and such - there's no doubt that when she remembers to keep her mouth shut Kate flies the fashion flag for the capital: whether it's the "London Look", panty rock stylings, wild child antics or just that iconic face staring down from hundreds of different billboards. And it's not just influence extending from the glossies and the catwalk. When Moss's collection for TopShop hit the Oxford Street store in 2007 there was high street hysteria. The brand is still going strong and choice pieces even feature over at Londonist Towers on a good day.

Transcending the fickle folds of fashion she's been turned into art as a portrait subject and British Museum exhibit. Riding a tumultuous wave of celebrity from teen waif to supermodel, rock chick to mum, businesswoman to objet d'art, there's no question of her sustained dominance over the London style landscape the last 20 odd years.

Last Updated 10 December 2009